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Our Latest News

Leicester Karate Association Winter Championships

(November 03, 2013)
Well Done to all that took part in the competition in Leicester the medalists from CEWKA are as followed.

Emily Powney
Girls Under 9yrs Kata Bronze
Girls Under 9yrs Kumite Gold

Samuel Phillips
Boys under 9yrs kata Silver

Tai Bowen
Boys under 9yrs kata Gold

Mohsein Haidari
10-12yrs Kumite Silver

Asif Ahmadi
Boys Beginners under 9yrs Kata Silver
Boys 9yrs under Kumite Bronze

Roholah Ahmadi
Boys Beginners 14-15yrs kata Gold
Boys 14-15yrs Kumite Bronze

Paven Chahal
Boys Beginners 14-15yrs Kata Silver

Gleb Gusevs
Boys Beginners Under 9yrs Kata Gold
Boys Under 9yrs Kumite Gold

Aman Sher
Boys 14-15yrs Kumite Gold

John Steel
Boys 10-12yrs Kumite Gold

Tom Steel 
Boys 13-15yrs Kumite Silver

Daniel Taylor
Boys under 9yrs Kumite Bronze

Amelia Harvey
Female 18yrs + Gold

Curtis Harvey
16-17yrs -76kg Gold
16-17yrs Open Weight Gold
18yrs + -76kg Silver

Team Kata Under 12yrs
Silver (Emily Powney, Gleb Gusevs and Samuel Phillips)

Team Kumite 13-15yrs
Gold (John Steel, Megan Hill and Tom Steel)

CEWKA Finished with 11 Golds, 7 Silver and 4 Bronze

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