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Simon Coope Karate School Annual Championship

(June 16, 2013)
It was a great day at Simon Coope karate school annual championship we took 8 golds, 6 silver and 4 bronze results are as followed

Tai Bowen Gold 5-7yrs kata and Bronze Under 9yrs kata
Amran Mattu Silver Under 9yrs Kata and Under 9yrs Kumite
Roholah Ahmadi Silver 12-13 yrs Kata
Mohsen Haidari Bronze 12-13 yrs kata and Gold 12-13yrs Kumite
Samuel Phillips Bronze Under 9yrs Kumite
Emily Powney Silver Under 9yrs Kumite
Karam Mattu Silver Under 9yrs Kumite
Saajan Mattu Silver 12-13yrs  Kumite
Rahul Bhopal Bronze1 4-15yrs  Kumite
Megan Hill Gold 12-13yrs Kumite
Tom Steel Gold 12-13yrs Kumite
Curtis Harvey Gold 16-17yrs Kumite
CEWKA A Team Gold 12-13yrs (Tom Steel, Yohan Santos and Mohsen Haidari)
CEWKA B Team Silver 12-13yrs (John Steel, Hamid Khan and Saajan Mattu)
CEWKA Team Bronze Under 9yrs ( Samuel Phillips, Karam Mattu and Asif Ahmadi)
CEWKA Team Gold 14-15yrs (Rahul Bhopal, Luke Millington and Tom Steel)

Well Done to all competing at this tournament 

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